Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dance Class

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dance classes are on Wednesday, from 6 pm to 7 pm, held at the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre, 1-3 Hill View Place, Bentley.

For further information please email

The class will be presented in a combination of Auslan and spoken word by Com-Guide Kaley Devine.

The class will be free for term 1.

Participants who use Auslan as their first language, or who wish to practice their Auslan are encouraged to take part. Com-Guides and Support Workers are welcome.

For further information please email


Ballroom Fit is thrilled to dive into the wonderful world of dance and inclusivity with you! At Ballroom Fit, we’re all about celebrating the unique abilities that each individual brings to the dance floor. It’s truly heartwarming to see how our community comes together, transcending any limitations, visible or invisible.

In the realm of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dance classes, the opportunities are nothing short of fantastic! We’ve crafted an environment where visual elements take center stage. Our dance routines are choreographed with a vibrant emphasis on visual cues, ensuring that everyone can seamlessly follow along without relying on auditory signals.

Picture this: clear and expressive hand signals, dynamic body language, and emotive facial expressions weaving a dance tapestry that goes beyond just the steps. It’s a powerful form of self-expression and communication, breaking down language barriers and fostering a deep connection among our dancers.

Join the Ballroom Fit community, where differences are not just accepted but celebrated, and where the spotlight shines on the incredible abilities within each of us. Can’t wait to have you with us on the dance floor!

Many Auslan speakers also attend the Vision Impaired Dance class. You are welcome to also try our Vision Impaired Dance classes as many participants and coaches can communicate with Auslan.

We also recommend you view the dance opportunities available on the website Para and Ability Dance Western Australia.

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