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Where dancing is for everyone!

Ballroom Fit is where to learn to dance in Perth

Chair Dancing

For dancers in nursing homes and aged-care facilities

Vision Impaired Dance

For dancers who are blind or vision impaired

Para Dance

For dancers who use a wheelchair

Ability Dance

For dancers living with a physical or intellectual disability, or on the autism spectrum 

Ballroom Dancing Classes

For dancers to learn traditional Ballroom Dancing in a group class environment

Whilst Ballroom Fit's classes prepare students for social dances, there is also the opportunity to take that part in an awards or DanceSport competition program.

When bought together by Ballroom Fit our indifferences are celebrated. We are empowered by each other to participate, to be a part of a team of dancers regardless of the limitation we present be that visible or invisible.

Miriam Mitchell


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Special Olympics 2023 WA State Games

We also recommend you view Para and Ability Dance Western Australia for further details on dancing opportunities for people living with physical and intellectual disabilities.