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Perth Ballroom Dance Classes

The Perth Ballroom Dance Classes offered by Ballroom Fit are a joy for our students and coaches.

Witnessing the spark of enthusiasm in students as they connect with the art form brings immeasurable joy, for our coaches and family members. It’s a chance to pass on the love for dance and keep the tradition alive. Guiding individuals through the learning process and witnessing their growth is incredibly gratifying. From nervous beginners to confident dancers, being part of their transformative journey is an honour.

Dance has the power to boost self-esteem. Ballroom Fit coaches instil confidence in students, not just in their dance abilities but also in their overall self-perception. Seeing them carry themselves with poise is truly rewarding. Dance classes foster a sense of community. It’s heartening to see students forming connections, supporting each other, and sharing the joy of dance. Building this dance family is a unique and cherished aspect of Ballroom Fit.

As a dance school offering Perth Ballroom Dance Classes we are committed to making dance inclusive, our classes provide a platform to make this vision a reality. Adapting lessons for individuals with disabilities and creating an inclusive environment is not just a goal but a responsibility that brings great satisfaction. Teaching dance is a form of artistic expression. It’s not just about the technical aspects; it’s about conveying the emotion and story behind each dance. Helping students tap into their creative side and express themselves through movement is incredibly fulfilling.

Students love Ballroom Fit!

Every student is unique, presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth. Staying engaged in the learning process keeps our coaches sharp and ensures that each lesson is a dynamic and enriching experience. Witnessing the “aha” moments when a student masters a challenging step or routine is pure joy. Celebrating their achievements, big or small, fosters a sense of accomplishment for both the teacher and the student.

Dancing is not just a physical activity; it positively impacts mental and emotional well-being. Knowing that we contribute to our students’ overall health and happiness is a powerful motivator. In essence, teaching dance is a privilege that goes beyond the dance floor. It’s about connecting with people, fostering personal growth, and contributing to a community bound by the love of dance.

Chair Dancing

For dancers in nursing homes and aged-care facilities

Vision Impaired Dance

For dancers who are blind or vision impaired

Para Dance

For dancers who use a wheelchair

Ability Dance

For dancers living with a physical or intellectual disability, or on the autism spectrum 

Ballroom Dancing Classes

For dancers to learn traditional Ballroom Dancing in a group class environment
Whilst Ballroom Fit's classes prepare students for social dances, there is also the opportunity to take that part in an awards or DanceSport competition program.

When brought together by Ballroom Fit our indifferences are celebrated. We are empowered by each other to participate, to be a part of a team of dancers regardless of the limitation we present be that visible or invisible.

Miriam Mitchell


Classes Resuming in 2024

We also recommend you view Para and Ability Dance Western Australia for further details on dancing opportunities for people living with physical and intellectual disabilities.