Code of Conduct 

Ballroom Fit Code of Conduct

Ballroom Fit’s Vision:

To create a healthier and more inclusive world through dance.

Ballroom Fit’s Mission:

To provide a unique dance and movement to music opportunity for seniors, and dancers living with a physical or intellectual disability to achieve their full potential through dance.

Ballroom Fit’s Values:

Coaches, assistant coaches and other volunteers will:

  • share the joy of dance and movement to music in an accessible and supportive environment,
  • celebrate cultural diversity within the community,
  • promote a supportive atmosphere of tolerance, respect, inclusion, sensitivity and fun.
  • act with integrity, sincerity, accountability and professionalism.

 Purpose of this Code of Conduct

Ballroom Fit is committed to a fair and safe environment in all classes and events by providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and where children are protected from abuse. Ballroom Fit will not tolerate behaviour which constitutes abuse, discrimination or harassment under any circumstances and will take disciplinary action against anyone who breaches this Code of Conduct and any legal requirements.

This Code of Conduct aims to provide the best possible environment for its students, support workers, coaches, assistant coaches and other volunteer workers to ensure peak performance of all dancers in our classes and events.

Who this Policy Applies To

This policy applies to the following, whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity:

  • coaches, assistant coaches and other volunteers

Individual Responsibilities

Individuals bound by this policy are responsible for:

  • decision making in accordance with relevant laws and conventions,
  • providing supports and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill,
  • acting with integrity and transparency,
  • promptly taking steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that might have an impact on the quality and safety of supports provided to people with a disability,
  • taking all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all form of violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse of people with a disability,
  • complying with police clearance/ NDIS Worker Screening requirements and Working with Children Checks,
  • following the procedures outlined in this policy if they wish to make a complaint or report a concern about possible, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour,
  • comply with government Covid mandates and guidelines,
  • complying with any decisions and/or disciplinary measures imposed under this Code of Conduct.

What is a Breach of the Code of Conduct

It is a breach of this Code of Conduct for any person to have been found to have:

  • done anything contrary to this Code of Conduct,
  • brought Ballroom Fit into disrepute,
  • discriminated against or harassed any person,
  • victimised another person for reporting a complaint,
  • engaged in a sexually inappropriate relationship with a person that the person supervises, or has influence, authority or power over,
  • disclosed to any unauthorised person or organisation any Ballroom Fit information that is of a private/ confidential nature,
  • failed to follow Ballroom Fits Code of Conduct for the protection, safety and welfare of children.

Should anyone feel uncomfortable at any time in a class or event, or have any harassment-related complaints, the principle (Darryl) and/or Administrator (Hana) will hear and address your concerns. We will treat these issues with the strictest confidentiality. Feedback can keep incidents from being repeated.

 We wish everyone a joyful experience when attending a Ballroom Fit class and event. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in assisting us to provide an environment in which everyone can achieve their full potential.

Principal:                   Darryl Davenport      E:           P: 0439 460 487

Administrator:           Hana Byambadash E:            P: 0406 067 077

Copies of the Code of Conduct and its attachments can be obtained by request at email address: